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Mission & History


The mission of the Ministry Assistance of the Near Northwest Alliance (MANNA) is to improve the lives of those who live in our neighborhoods by providing emergency services during the tough times and supporting a path to self-sufficiency in the long-term.


Ministry Assistance of the Near Northwest Alliance (MANNA) grew out of an informal monthly gathering of area pastors in 1988. This group felt that it would be much more effective in accomplishing its mission by joining forces and working together to serve the needy in the community. The area churches saw a need, not only within their own churches, but in the community. Due to the lack of income, education, aging, and other crises they were facing, families were unable to sustain themselves or their families and were turning to their churches to meet their own basic human needs.  In response to addressing the concerns of the community, these area churches pooled their resources together and founded MANNA. Their goal was to find a better way to serve the community as a coalition as supposed to working as individual congregations.